Tuesday, 29 September 2015

With Surrogacy Clinics, Infertility is No Longer a Concern

Thanks to the availability of surrogacy clinics, infertility is no longer an issue that sometimes prevents couples from welcoming children into the world and raising them to adulthood.

In the past, it was often necessary for parents to travel outside the United States if they wished to find a gestational surrogate. However, there are now many reputable surrogacy clinics in the United States. In California, the future parents’ names are listed on a birth certificate, so the surrogate will not be mentioned as the mother. That legislation is especially handy for avoiding potential legal complications.

Surrogacy clinics also give future parents great access to reliable surrogates. Sometimes, people decide to let friends or relatives carry children to term. That situation can be successful in some cases, but it can also cause unintended drama and relational strain.

At most surrogacy clinics, all surrogates must go through physical and mental screenings to ensure they are fit for the stresses of carrying and birthing a child. They usually have to meet certain body weight standards and be non-smokers, too.

Even when parents use gestational surrogates, they still have full biological ties to the children. That’s because sperm and eggs from the parents are used to create the embryo with in-vitro fertilization. The gestational surrogate is merely the vessel that carries the child until its birth.

Therefore, if a woman wants to get pregnant but has been warned about possible risks because she has certain medical issues that may complicate a pregnancy, a gestational surrogate is a wonderful solution.

Surrogacy centers also commonly have many methods of support surrogates can use. For example, they’re commonly assigned caseworkers that communicate with the hospital and clarify that the woman is a surrogate. This ensures a smooth process when it’s time for the baby to be born.

Gestational surrogates also may have the option of attending periodic group meetings with other surrogate moms so they can share their experiences. These perks help the surrogate feel equipped for the full pregnancy and relieve the future parents from any potential burdens.

Frequently, wellness programs are offered to the gestational surrogates. These may include things like relaxation coaching and massage. Then, future parents can feel confident their gestational surrogates are able to access stress management assistance during their pregnancies.

As you can see, surrogacy clinics are excellent solutions for couples that cannot naturally conceive, but still want to be parents. Click here to learn more about a surrogacy clinic in San Diego.

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