Tuesday, 29 September 2015

What is Surrogacy Tourism?

When couples wish to become parents but are unable to do so naturally, they may rely on surrogacy tourism. It involves going outside of a local area for the purpose of finding a gestational surrogate mother who is willing to carry children to term for future parents.

Some specific reasons why couples may rely on surrogacy tourism include:

  • Surrogacy is not an accepted practice in their home countries
  • They have not been able to find accepted suitable surrogates locally
  • If it is less expensive to travel elsewhere to find a surrogate than to use local agencies
Women who act as gestational surrogates and are involved in surrogacy tourism usually must meet minimum health requirements and go through mental and physical screenings to ensure they are fit for carrying children. Furthermore, they often have access to supportive resources such as group meetings with other surrogates, and pre-natal massage sessions.

Beneficial for the Gestational Surrogates

Surrogacy tourism doesn’t just allow infertile couples to experience the joy of parenthood. It can also be a method for gestational surrogates to earn income by agreeing to bear children, all while knowing they’re doing something that will have life-changing benefits for the eventual parents.

If you’re curious about whether surrogacy tourism could help you become a parent, the first step involves reaching out to an agency. Click here to find a surrogate in San Diego.

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